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Healthy working at home

Below are a few tips for your working hours at home

  1. Set your working hours - it makes it easier for you to work undisturbed and limited, which is good for both yourself and your colleagues and people around you.
  2. Set up a suitable workplace. How to set up an ergonomic workstation can be found [here]. A comfortable room temperature and fresh air facilitate the ability to concentrate.
  3. Create a varied working day with mental and physical activities. This contributes to a sustainable improvement in performance and increases your productivity and energy. Working with display devices should be interrupted with other activities (e.g. making phone calls while standing) or frequent rest periods. It is recommended to take a 10 minute break after 60 minutes.
  1. Avoid distractions: Put your smartphone aside, mute notifications, create a quiet working environment. Make arrangements with other family members who are also working at home.
  1. Write a daily to-do list to follow up your tasks more clearly.
  1. Try to keep work and private life as separate as possible.


What to do in case of muscle tension?

In addition to regular interruptions and changes in working posture (dynamic sitting and standing), compensatory exercises are an immediate help against first signs of neck, shoulder or back pain. You can find support in implementing such exercises by using the [Active Break App] or [here] (Top Ten Exercises).

In 8-minutes videos we put together a program for [legs and glutes] as well as for [torso and back].


What should I do if I reach my limits and the current situation overwhelms me?

The [psychosocial counselling team] can be reached by phone during the Corona crisis.


If you have any further ideas or suggestions, please contact us.